Bye Aerospace plans to develop a hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle (H-UAV), named the Silent Sentinel, designed for a range of civil applications.

The first-of–its–kind hybrid UAV will be using both stored electric power and solar energy from thin film solar photovoltaics created by Ascent Solar.

The low-weight, high-performance H-UAV will use tactical sensors for traffic control, pipeline and power line inspection, and forest fire detection. It will also perform aerial law enforcement and aerial photography.

The Silent Sentinel will also be used for military purposes of border patrol, search and rescue, visual and thermal reconnaissance and forward air control.

Propelled by an efficient engine coupled with a Williams International FJ33 turbofan, the UAV can reach high altitude and high climb rates accessing areas requiring swift surveillance.

Bye Aerospace, a supplier of aircrafts with innovative clean energy solutions, is presently discussing the capabilities of the aircraft with the US Government.