The Kazakhastan Government has signed a a partnership with Astrium to provide help in developing the Kazakh space industry.

Under the agreement, Astrium, will present the country two earth observation satellites, build a satellite integration centre and train Kazakh engineers.

The space systems supplier will provide the nation with Spot and TerraSAR-X satellites along with their receiving stations.

Astrium will build a major satellite integration centre to be a part of Kazakhstan’s future national space centre in its capital city, Astana.

It will be operated by a joint venture formed by JSC National Company or ‘Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary’ and Astrium.

More than 100 engineers will be trained in engineers in satellite integration and imagery processing in Kazakhstan and at Astrium’s base in Toulouse.

As a result of increasing use of satellite imagery, a partnership with two companies – Spot Image and Infoterra – is planned for creating a market for satellite imagery applications provided by Astrium.