Artificial Intelligence is a term that often conjures up images of sci-fi films, but as time goes by this technology becomes more and more a part of our lives. AI is used in all manner of industries globally, and it is still in its infancy in aerospace and defense. Even with the AI technologies, we have in our world currently, in another 10 years, today’s ‘state of the art’ will seem simple and archaic. Hence, the development and continued investment in this field are incredibly important going forward. 

The US and China lead AI in aerospace and defense developments

GlobalData’s AI in Aerospace and Defense – Thematic Research will explore the AI in the aerospace and defense market and looks to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the industry. The USA’s strength in the field of AI technology can be largely boiled down to big tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Access to plentiful data as well as computing power will greatly impact the US’s ability to develop new technologies. China tech powerhouses Baidu and Alibaba will gain traction in this field and provide competition for the US. 

AI can be utilized in aerospace and defense for many things such as engineering, streamlining of production, and air traffic control. This report explores this theme as it develops and opportunities for the future. 

Some key highlights of this report include:

  • In-depth information for senior (C-Suite) executives as well as institutional investors
  • Strength your understanding of AI and how it is used in the aerospace and defense market
  • Explore key trends and prepare for the future
  • Identify key players and understand competitors

Use key data to understand investment opportunities and channelize resources to maximize profits. Use key player data to gain a competitive edge and make better business decisions. 

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