The C4 is a four-seater light sport aircraft (LSA) being designed and manufactured by Garman aircraft manufacturer Flight Design. The C4 is being built as a low cost alternative for conventional LSAs.

Its design is based on the CTLS aircraft, a light sport aircraft developed by Flight Design. The maiden flight of the C4 is scheduled to take place in 2012.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certifications are expected at the end of 2012. The C4 is planned to enter service in 2013. Flight Design unveiled the development of C4 in February 2011. A complete mock-up of the aircraft was displayed at the Aero Show 2011 held at Friedrichshafen, Germany in April 2011. It will also be showcased at the EAA Air Venture convention to be held in Oshkosh in 2011.

Orders of the C4

Flight Design has received a total of 30 C4 orders during the 2011 Aero Show.

Design and features of the four-seater light sport aircraft

“The maiden flight of the C4 is scheduled to take place in 2012.”

The C4 will be of cantilever low-wing monoplane design principally deployed for sight seeing applications.

The aircraft can operate from short or unprepared airstrips even under adverse climatic conditions.

It will be made up of all composite carbon, aramid and glass sandwich fibre materials to minimise overall weight.

The aircraft will feature a 70 litre fuel tank, back up battery, horizontal stabiliser, vertical stabiliser, seat belts, rudder, ailerons, spars and pushrods.

Flight deck of Flight Design’s C4

The C4 will boast an all digital glass flight deck integrated with a pressurised cabin.

It will be equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics suite, Dynon Sky View suite, GFC 700 autopilot system, terrain avoidance and warning system, weather radar, global positioning system and banner towing system.

An emergency parachute system supplied by BRS Aerospace will be provided in the aircraft. Flight Design is also planning to incorporate an icing protection system in the aircraft in future.

Cabin passenger space

The 2.51m wide cabin will accommodate three passengers with sufficient headspace and storage area. Its interiors will be fitted with sponge seats as well as seat cushions for offering luxurious comfort to the occupants.

The cabin will be fitted with two seats in the front and one foldable bench seat in the rear. It will be accessed by two doors, one attached at the front fuselage section for passenger entry and disembarkation.

The second door will be hinged at the left side of the rear cabin to load and unload passengers’ luggage into the baggage compartment. The passengers can also access the baggage compartment by folding the back seat in the aircraft.

Avionics equipment

The avionics suite installed in the C4 will include SV-D1000 10-inch display, ADAHRS-200 air data attitude and heading reference system, EMS-220 emergency medical service, ARINC 429 converter, Mode-S transponder, air speed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, G-meter, horizontal situational indicator and flight path indicator.

Engines and power

The C4 will be powered by a single Centurion 2.0S turbocharged diesel engine rated at 116kW (155hp) of output power. A four-stroke diesel engine, the Centurion 2.0S obtained the FAA Type certification in October 2006.

“Flight Design unveiled the development of C4 in February 2011.”

A FADEC compatible Centurion 2.0S will be incorporated with wet sump oil systems, a three bladed constant speed propeller with hydraulic pitch controller and harmonic reduction gear box.

It is designed and developed by Thielert Aircraft Engines. Kerosene and diesel in any mixture ratio can be used as the fuel. The engine will be 0.79m wide and 0.63m high. Its depth will be 0.8m. The dry weight will be 134kg.

Landing gear of the aircraft

The C4 will be fitted with a fixed tricycle type landing gear comprising a dirigible nose wheel and two wheels below the wings. The landing gear will also house hydraulic disc brakes and landing gear emergency elongation valves.

Performance and speed

The C4 can climb at the rate of 5m/s. The maximum and cruise speed of the aircraft will be 360km/h and 296km/h respectively. The stall speed will be 93km/h. The range will be 3,3150km. The aircraft can fly in air for a maximum of 13 hours.