Williams Advanced Engineering has collaborated with JPA Design to improve aircraft layout and enhance customer comfort and space.

The partnership will leverage JPA’s design expertise and Williams’ Formula One-derived technology to revolutionise future aircraft interiors.

Williams noted that the partners will look into the potential to make a step-change in cabin layout, passenger comfort, fuel-saving and carbon emission reductions through the application of new interior design and lightweight materials.

JPA Design founder and principal James Park said: “Our work with Williams Advanced Engineering will deliver truly revolutionary advances to the air travel industry, both onboard new aircraft and retrofitted to existing aeroplanes.

“Our work with Williams Advanced Engineering will deliver truly revolutionary advances to the air travel industry.”

“The fruits of this partnership will offer our customers better use of the space in their cabins, enhanced comfort and functionality for their passengers and a boost to airline profitability. This is all delivered through reduced cost of ownership due to weight savings onboard together with lower installation and maintenance costs.”

The companies plan to give additional details of the partnership at the Passenger Experience Conference and the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019, scheduled to be held in Hamburg, Germany, in April.

The partnership will focus on creating a UK capability for aircraft interior products.

According to Williams, efficient use of space onboard and lighter interior equipment will enable airlines to achieve a further reduction in fuel consumption.

At the same time, improved design and seating will result in a more spacious cabin, offering improved comfort to passengers, the company added.

Williams Advanced Engineering managing director Craig Wilson said: “The innovative use of lightweight materials, rapid product development and the maximisation of available space is very much at the heart of the work we do commercialising Formula One-derived technology.”