European mid and small-sized cities airline Volotea has revealed plans to add six new Airbus A319 planes to expand its fleet to 36 aircraft.

The new aircraft will join the airline’s existing Airbus 319s and Boeing 717s, which are anticipated to begin operations in the first half of this year.

Volotea signed operational lease agreements with unidentified companies to procure the six new aircraft.

“Investing in six new Airbus A319 is all about our philosophy towards customers.”

The new Airbus A319s will become operational this year. Incorporating these aircraft will enable the airline to serve a total line-up of 319 routes across Europe. The airline is also adding 41 new routes this year.

The company aims to become a full Airbus airline by 2022. With a capacity of 156 passengers, the Airbus A319s can be operated to serve longer routes.

Volotea founder and CEO Carlos Muñoz said: “Investing in six new Airbus A319 is all about our philosophy towards customers. We are a people airline created with a people-first mindset, caring about our customer’s travel experience in which our aircraft play a very significant role.

“We know that safety, quality and comfort are of utmost relevance to our customers. We take care of these things so that passengers can focus on enjoying their trips, with an increasing number of routes and greater choice of destinations.”

This year, the airline is looking to operate flights to more than 80 mid-sized and small-sized European cities in 13 countries, including Malta, Austria, Luxembourg and Morocco.

Volotea also stated it expects to carry more than 7.5 million passengers this year, an increase from 6.57 million last year.