US airlines are reportedly set to offer new gender options in the ticketing process to passengers who don’t identify as ‘male’ or ‘female’ in a major push for more gender inclusivity.

The proposed options are likely to include ‘unspecified’ and ‘undisclosed’, according to media reports. ‘Mx.’ is another option being considered to be added to the existing options of ‘male’ and ‘female’.

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest, and United are currently working on incorporating the change and add a binary option to the gender menu on their sites in the coming weeks.

“US airlines value a culture of diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and for our passengers.”

US industry trade group Airlines for America (A4A) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently approved a new international standard for non-binary passengers with ‘non-binary’ IDs. The standard will become effective from 1 June.

In a statement, A4A was quoted by Associated Press as saying: “US airlines value a culture of diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and for our passengers, and we work hard each day to accommodate the needs of all travellers, while delivering a safe, secure and enjoyable flight experience.”

However, the implementation of the change is not compulsory.

Supporting the proposal, Delta said in a statement: “As part of Delta’s ongoing efforts to accommodate the needs of diverse customers throughout our business, we are planning to offer a non-binary gender option during the booking process.”

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The move comes as several US states and cities such as New York City and Washington, D.C. are offering non-binary gender options to citizens on identification cards and birth certificates.