The UK Government has introduced the Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill to modernise airspace and address the illegal use of unmanned aircraft.

The proposed bill will empower the Transport Secretary so that airports can modernise their airspace and take action against those that do not quickly implement the changes.

This bill has its first reading in Parliament and will give the police the ability that requires a person to land an unmanned aircraft and issue fixed penalty notices depending on the offences.

The bill also introduces new stop and search powers on certain violations related to unmanned aircraft.

UK Government Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Modernising the use of airspace will allow us to generate lower CO2 emissions from aviation, reduce noise for those near flight-paths and improve punctuality for passengers.

“Drones have great potential to transform how we move people and goods and could help save lives in search and rescue missions. This new bill will help us ensure that drone technology is used safely.”

The legislation is part of the government’s move to drones to ensure individuals, businesses and emergency services in the UK can access the economic and social benefits of drones without abusing it.

The bill also grants more power to the UK Transport Secretary in enhancing aviation infrastructure, thereby aiding in quicker delivery with quieter and cleaner journeys.