Utah’s Department of Transportation (UDOT) Aeronautics division in the US has partnered with NEO Aeronautics for the deployment of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in the state.

UDOT will act as a mediator to help the company in gaining access to required government and private industry players for sites identification, testing and certification.

The department aims to develop the UAM infrastructure system that will be supported by the US state.

UAM deployment will be able to materialise once the proper infrastructure system is in place.

The system will be used for testing of aerial taxis and personal aerial vehicles (PAV) in current and future flight corridors, including visual flight rules’ corridors and urban and rural airspace.

Utah State Aeronautics director Jared Esselman said: “Urban Air Mobility is an exciting evolution in the development of Keeping Utah Moving. UDOT is a leader in transportation innovations and this is no exception.”

NEO Aeronautics seeks to roll out PAVs that are safe, reliable and affordable in order to develop UAM communities.

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Under this partnership, testing and certification of Crimson S8 PAV are expected during the second quarter of next year while the identification of the site and deployment will take place in the fourth quarter the same year.

NEO founder and CEO Kok-Beng said: “NEO Aeronautics is privileged to collaborate with Utah for the flight test certification and the potential deployment of the Crimson S8 PAV.

“The Crimson S8 conforms to FAA Part 103 category, allowing the development of UAM communities as minimal training is required to operate the PAV.”