Shell Aviation has announced its support to SkyNRG in developing its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plant in Delfzijl, Netherlands.

The SkyNRG-led DSL-01 production plant is expected to become Europe’s first dedicated SAF facility on completion.

As part of the partnership arrangement, Shell will extend its support by providing its technical and commercial expertise for the plant development.

Shell will also gain an option to buy SAF produced at the plant.

Shell Aviation vice-president Anna Mascolo: “Shell Aviation are proud to be part of the DSL-01 project: this first dedicated plant is a crucial milestone in accelerating the supply of sustainable aviation fuels in Europe and will contribute to a reduction in emissions in the aviation sector.

“When it comes to carbon emissions, the aviation industry needs collaboration amongst industry players, it needs support to drive technical innovation and investments, and last but not least it needs a multiple set of solutions that help drive a faster transition to a net-zero emissions world.

“At Shell, we have started the journey, although we recognise there is a lot more to do to avoid, reduce and offset carbon emissions.”

Scheduled to be operational in 2022, the plant will be capable of producing 100,000t of sustainable aviation fuel.

It will run on sustainable hydrogen generated using water and wind energy while waste and residue streams such as used cooking oil from regional industries will be used as feedstocks for production.

Additionally, the facility will produce naphtha and 15,000 tonnes of bioLPG a year as a by-product.

In May, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines pledged a ten-year period to invest in the development and purchase of 75,000tpa of SAF.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and SHV Energy are also investing in the facility. SHV Energy will buy the by-product bioLPG.

Several other partners in the Netherlands and beyond are participating in the project’s different phases.