Sky and Space Global (SAS) has developed and tested its new range of software that uses network management and data compression to operate a constellation of autonomous nano-satellites.

The software will be used by SAS to operate its autonomous nano-satellites constellation, known as Pearls.

The technology will provide autonomous control and enable monitoring of the Pearls once they are launched into space next year.

SAS is also involved in the development of various other software projects for the Pearls constellation.

The projects, which are currently at various stages of development, include a solution for payload and constellation management, a system simulator, automated fuel consumption algorithm, ground station software, and software systems for systems integration.

“The company aims to launch a constellation of 200 additional nanosatellites by 2020.”

SAS has employed its subsidiary, SAS Poland, and other companies to develop the required payload software and IP communication protocols.

In addition, the company has been developing a number of hardware projects to build infrastructure and capabilities to support the development, launch and operation of the Pearls constellation.

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One of the major hardware projects includes the construction of the Pearls satellites, and the the final design phase is about to complete.

Construction is scheduled to begin with GomSpace under a contract secured from SAS in March last year.

Other hardware projects include canisters for Pearls, a propulsion system, and end user devices.

In June last year, SAS launched its first three nanosatellites, named ‘3 Diamonds’.

The company aims to launch a constellation of 200 additional nanosatellites by 2020.