Sky and Space Global’s (SAS) 3 Diamonds brand of nano-satellite constellation has completed a spectrum monitoring operation of radio frequencies from sources on the ground.

Governments and satellite operators across the globe currently use spectrum monitoring to map radiofrequency sources, network security and stabilisation.

Representing the world’s first spectrum monitoring operation by nano-satellites, the newly completed effort has seen the identification of the source of connectivity interference for an unnamed geo-stationary satellite communications operator in Europe.

As part of the operation, 3 Diamonds used its on-board software-defined radio capabilities to detect and identify the source of the interference.

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The latest spectrum monitoring has also demonstrated SAS’s technical responsiveness and capabilities in radio frequency monitoring and mapping.

“The pioneering technology on board our nano-satellites enabled us to identify an interference on a global satellite network.”

It expands SAS’s initial target market and provides new opportunities for the company to employ 3 Diamonds for new material and commercial applications.

SAS Global managing director and CEO Meir Moalem said:“The pioneering technology on board our nano-satellites enabled us to identify an interference on a global satellite network.

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“This has demonstrated the capabilities of our nano-satellites to monitor radio frequencies across a substantial area and has opened up further commercial opportunities among global satellite companies and government agencies that rely on having access to quality and clear satellite communications.

“We will now look to incorporate this capability into our Pearls constellation and are confident in commercialising the Pearls based on the successful technological and commercial demonstrations with our 3 Diamonds.”

SAS expects to launch its Pearls satellite constellation into an equatorial low Earth orbit position next year.