Aerospace engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce’s advanced Testbed 80 has successfully completed the first run on the Trent XWB engine.

Expected to officially open in the next few months, the 7,500m² facility is set to be the largest indoor aerospace testbed in the world. It is located at the test site in Derby, UK.

It features advanced data systems, a ‘powerful’ X-ray machine and a 140,000l fuel tank for a range of fuel types, including sustainable aviation fuel.

Construction of the £90m project took almost three years.

Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace president Chris Cholerton said: “Today is an important landmark in our journey towards a more sustainable future for aerospace and aviation.

“Testbed 80 will not only test engines such as the Trent XWB – the world’s most efficient aero-engine in service – but also the engines and propulsion systems of the future, which will see us take another step towards decarbonisation.

“It’s great that the first engine test has been a success and we are looking forward to the official opening of the facility in the coming months.”

The Testbed 80 can test various contemporary engines, including the Trent XWB and the Trent 1000, as well as the UltraFan demonstrator and future hybrid or all-electric flight systems.

ATI’s PACE project has supported the new technology development for the Testbed 80, specifically for the UltraFan.

Last November, Rolls-Royce opened its new 62,000ft² customer support centre named the Rolls-Royce Raines Building, in Savannah, Georgia, US.