OnAsset Intelligence has awarded a unit load device (ULD) digitisation contract to ULD management, maintenance and repair services provider Unilode Aviation Solutions.

The contract is said to be the largest cargo internet of things (IoT) contract in aviation history.

OnAsset Intelligence CEO Adam Crossno said: “Building upon our longstanding history of innovation in leading-edge aviation-compliant asset tracking and monitoring solutions, we are proud to be in partnership with Unilode as they create the industry’s largest fleet of digitised ULDs.

“With Unilode’s customer-centric focus on digital innovation, combined with OnAsset’s devices and cloud software, we are creating a new class of services that will help propel the aviation industry for years to come.”

OnAsset Intelligence offers shipment and piece-level cargo tracking services, offering digital enhancement to the airlines, shippers and logistics providers.

The company’s products are used by more than 160 countries.

Unilode Aviation Solutions CEO Benoit Dumont said: “Unilode has committed to fully digitising its fleet of ULDs to provide our customers with the best solution in the industry.

“We’re going to change how the industry thinks of the ULD, and we intend to show the world the power of industrial IoT solutions deployed at scale. OnAsset is a great partner and we have a deep innovation roadmap to explore together.”

Headquartered in the US, OnAsset provides airborne asset tracking services and manufactures wireless devices that monitor all modes of transport.

Swiss-based Unilode Aviation manages an outsourced fleet of more than 125,000 ULDs for the aviation sector.