The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has commenced an audit to assess the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The audit will review the country’s aviation law, regulations and oversight capability in line with the eight critical elements as defined in International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) document 9734, which covers legislation, regulations, organisation, technical staff, quality and training.

It will also assess the technical guidance, tools, licensing, certification, continuous surveillance and resolution of safety concerns, reported Sundiata Post.

"I believe that we have what it takes to excel.”

A four-member team from the FAA will conduct the audit, which is set to end on 25 August.

Led by Louis Alvarez, the team includes operations specialist L Vanstory, airworthiness specialist Benjamin Garrid, and attorney Jeffrey Klang.

Announcing the audit, NCAA public relations general manager Sam Adurogboye previously said in a news briefing: “We are expecting a FAA team; they are coming for an assessment of the NCAA for one week.

“They were here in 2015 for the re-certification which is done every two years, and we did excellently.

“Now, they are coming again; I believe that we have what it takes to excel.”

During the review, the FAA team will visit the facilities of an airline operator's certificate (AOC) holder in Nigeria and investigate the operations and maintenance activities.

Among other assessments, the team will also review the country’s compliance with ICAO’s Category 1 status attained by the NCAA in 2010.