Star Air

Denmark-based Star Air has selected Rockwell Collins’s large-format flight displays for its Boeing 767-200BDSF cargo aircraft.

The display system, which is primarily used on Boeing 787 Dreamliner airliners, is said to offer enhanced situational awareness, and fuel efficiency, while providing lower maintenance costs.

Rockwell Collins Air Transport Systems vice-president and general manager Steve Timm said: "Since first deliveries to our launch customer, we’re seeing the momentum building for the 757/767 flight deck upgrade with domestic and international operators.

"It significantly extends the life of these aircraft, while adding new capabilities to meet future airspace requirements, and pilots will benefit from a much more engaging visual environment and intuitive interface."

"The large-format flight displays will also provide us with a significant weight savings."

Star Air technical vice-president Carsten Hvidegaard Holm said: "The large-format flight displays will also provide us with a significant weight savings, and it will have a positive effect on our dispatch reliability allowing us to serve our customers even better than today."

The flight deck retrofit platform attained initial certification last year.

The 757 / 767 upgrades will feature three 15.1in LCD displays which will provide operators with engine-indication and crew-alerting system (EICAS) data, 150lb flight deck weight reduction, platform to incorporate safety-enhancing technology such as airport taxi maps, data link weather, and surface guidance.

According to Rockwell Collins, the 757/767 flight deck incorporates Boeing and Rockwell Collins-supported retrofit 757/767 display system, and aligns with Boeing flight deck on modern aircraft, including 787 Dreamliner, 737 MAX and 777X aircraft.

Image: Rockwell Collins’ display upgrade for 767 and 757 flight decks enhances situational awareness for pilots. Photo: courtesy of Rockwell Collins.