NFC SkyLife

In-flight medical service provider SkyLife Air Ambulance has received a comprehensive night-vision goggle (NVG) training module from provider Night Flight Concepts.

SkyLife Air Ambulance’s night-vision imaging system (NVIS) programme is a part of its initiative to provide safe, efficient and effective services at night.

Night Flight Concepts conducted a training programme that has provided information on the NVG technology with emergency medical services (EMS) centred operational training.

The training module included Initial NVG training for SkyLife pilots and medical crew members, NFC NVG Instructor pilot training for two pilots and NVIO NVG computer-based training (CBT) tool.

SkyLife programme director Lisa Epps said the NVG training of NFC had helped in preparing the team for NVG operations.

"Although we are committed to excellence in patient care, operational safety is our number one priority."

"Although we are committed to excellence in patient care, operational safety is our number one priority," Epps said.

Night Flight Concepts president and chief executive Adam Aldous said: "Night Flight Concepts is pleased to assist SkyLife develop and maintain their NVG expertise to leverage their NVG investments to full advantage, enabling enhanced situational awareness for greater safety and performance at night."

SkyLife Air Ambulance, a partnership between American Ambulance and Rogers Helicopters, provides patient care services while in-flight.

It uses two Bell 407 helicopters and a King Air fixed-wing air ambulance for long distance hospital-to-hospital transfers.

Night Flight Concepts provides NVG programme support and services and air medical and rescue services for law enforcement agencies, military organisations, and government agencies worldwide.

Image: SkyLife Air Ambulance crews have received night-vision goggle training as part of night-vision imaging system (NVIS) programme. Photo: courtesy of Night Flight Concepts.