MRJ aircraft

Mitsubishi Aircraft has chosen PTC as a strategic partner for developing a reliable and maintainable management platform for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) next-generation aircraft programme.

The company has selected PTC’s Windchill Quality Solutions and Arbortext Service Information Solutions for its customer support organisation, which will go live before the first aircraft delivery.

PTC president and CEO Jim Heppelmann said: "PTC is proud to have achieved preferred partner status with some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the aerospace and defense industry."

"With its next-generation MRJ, Mitsubishi Aircraft is challenging the status quo of the regional jet market," Heppelmann said.

"We are confident that together we can help the MRJ meet the company’s high standards for quality, meet the industry’s requirements for safety, and meet their future customers’ need for reliability."

The deployment of PTC solutions will facilitate better collaboration across the MRJ project teams focused on ensuring the quality, reliability, and maintainability of the aircraft.

PTC’s management solutions will assist the companies in detecting the potential failure modes of a system, control or prevent their occurrence or effects, and track the compliance of parts and products.

The MRJ is a 70 to 90-seat next-generation regional jet being built by Mitsubishi Aircraft featuring modern aerodynamic design, noise analysis technologies and a human-centered flight deck with Fly-By-Wire.

The MRJ will be powered by the PurePower Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G engines which will offer savings in operating costs as well as environmental benefits.

It will have four-abreast seat configuration, large overhead bins and a slim seat to enhance passenger comfort.

The production of MRJ is scheduled for 2012.


Image: The MRJ will be powered by the PurePower Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G engines and its production is scheduled for this year. Photo: Mitsubishi Aircraft.