Italy-based Leonardo-Finmeccanica has signed a contract with Canadian emergency medical services (EMS) operator Ornge to receive logistics support with component repair and overhaul services for its AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter fleet for another six years.

Signed through its performance-based Full Component Plan, the contract is expected to strengthen the partnership between the two companies.

Last year, the helicopters flew additional 6,000 flight hours serving 24/7 between seven rotary-wing bases. These air medical transport providers achieved a 95% dispatch availability rate.

"These air medical transport providers achieved a 95% dispatch availability rate."

The Full Component Plan supports critical care transportation throughout Ontario, which enhances spares planning and logistical performance.

Intitally consisting of ten helicopters, the AW139 fleet increased to 11 after it was reconfigured to be deployed in air ambulance applications.

The three-month long transformation was completed in Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s Philadelphia facility. Various mission equipment were added to these aircraft such as a wire strike protection system, a second landing light, satcom latitude telephone, V/UHF radio and a new intercom system inside the cabin.

Image: AW139 Helicopter. Photo: courtesy of Leonardo-Finmeccanica.