Austria-based aerospace farm FACC has secured a contract worth more than €500m from Airbus to provide aircraft cabin compartments.

As part of the deal, FACC will supply overhead compartments and ceiling panels for Airbus’ new ‘Airspace’ range of cabins for the A320 aircraft family.

First deliveries under the new contract are expected to be carried out by late next year.

FACC will also work together with Airbus to develop Airspace XL Bins, the largest overhead compartments for short and medium-haul aircraft.

“With the new Airspace cabin, Airbus offers its passengers an exceptional feel-good ambience.”

Airspace XL Bins is designed to provide space for eight items of luggage.

Series production of the bins is set to begin next year.

The FACC-developed ceiling panels will provide both panelling and a uniform illumination solution in the cabin.

FACC CEO Robert Machtlinger said: “In addition to a high level of comfort and sufficient space, the most important aspects of a passenger cabin are low weight, convenient handling, low operating costs and high reliability.

“We strive to meet these requirements through consistent research work and by developing innovative and lightweight solutions creating more space in the cabin.

“With the new ‘Airspace’ cabin, Airbus offers its passengers an exceptional feel-good ambience.”

From 2019, Airbus is planning to offer the new Airspace XL Bins to A320 operators as an alternative interior to the current versions.

Launched during this year’s Paris Air Show, Airbus' Airspace cabin concept seeks to offer passengers maximum comfort and more space.

Image: The Airspace XL Bins, the biggest overhead stowage compartments in short and medium-haul aircraft. Photo: courtesy of Airbus.