French aeronautical satcom specialist Eclipse has collaborated with NSSLGlobal, another independent satcom provider, to tap into the government airborne satellite communications market.

AEROSATCOM will leverage Eclipse’s airborne satellite communications solutions, as well as NSSLGlobal’s broad partner network and significant infrastructure.

The firm offers both global and regional solutions, which will be of great benefit to government clients.

With an expected growth of 14% for L-Band and 24% for Ka-Band, the airborne satellite communications sector has recently seen tremendous growth, particularly in military and government markets, the companies said.

Eclipse general manager Marc Pinault said: "Over the years Eclipse has enjoyed many years of growth with the French Government market, and with other EMEA-based governments.

"NSSLGlobal and Eclipse will be able to penetrate further in this sector, into more geographies, than both could alone."

"However, AEROSATCOM is all about extending the reach of this success to other markets.

"Together, NSSLGlobal and Eclipse will be able to penetrate further in this sector, into more geographies, than both could alone, and offer an entirely new standard of expertise, reach, and capability to the airborne satcoms market."

Eclipse and its subsidiary companies have been providing airborne satcom hardware, air-time, and systems integration and installation certification solutions to various government sectors since 1996.

UK-based NSSLGlobal global provides services in satellite communications and IT support, voice and data services through a vast network of reseller and partner networks, a network that can now be used by AEROSATCOM worldwide.

NSSLGlobal managing director Sally-Anne Ray said: "In term of servicing this market, it would be harder to think two companies that were more complementary.

"Both demonstrate considerable expertise in their respective fields. But by combining the size, breadth and partner relationships of NSSLGlobal with the incredibly strong aeronautical satcom experience Eclipse has to offer, we effectively create a company that is stronger than the sum of its parts."

"The resulting joint venture, AEROSATCOM, is now perfectly positioned to perform as a world leader in the rapidly expanding airborne satellite communications markets."