The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved STG Aerospace's saf-Tglo blu photoluminescent floorpath marking system for the Airbus fleet of A300, A310, A320, A330 and A340 aircraft.

STG Aerospace director of innovation Sean O’Kell said: “Securing EASA approval for saf-Tglo blu across the Airbus fleet obviously opens up exciting new marketing opportunities for us and we’re already in advanced negotiations with key launch customers.

“As a product, it symbolises our commitment to the continual evolution of the saf-Tglo range, always enhancing the aesthetics without in any way compromising on safety.”

“As a product, it symbolises our commitment to the continual evolution of the saf-Tglo range."

STG Aerospace claimed that this is the first time that an emergency egress system using blue photoluminescence has been approved for use in any aircraft application.

saf-Tglo blu offers a colour glow for operators of aircraft in the Airbus family and cabin designers alike preparing to modify or upgrade Airbus aircraft interiors.

The patented design of saf-Tglo blu emits a blue glow, a noticeable change from the traditional green glow that has always been linked with the product, and enables airlines to subtly transform cabin aesthetics through simple illumination without compromising passenger safety.

The body colour of saf-Tglo blu is whiter than the glow produced by traditional photoluminescent systems during the day, and in darker conditions, the glow has a calmer, softer, more reassuring quality while still performing the critical safety function the system provides.

The company claimed that its saf-Tglo is light, narrow and discreet floor path marking system, and the first non-electrical system that can reduce maintenance and operational costs.