Chinese carrier China Eastern Airlines has chosen Rockwell Collins’ Iridium Satcom voice and data communications solution to upgrade its fleet of more than 100 Boeing 737 planes.

Installation of the aftermarket solution is currently undergoing.

Upon completion, the solution will provide reliable long-range global voice communications, flight tracking and aircraft communications addressing and reporting systems (ACARS).  

"Our solution is affordable because of the innovative ways we optimise SATCOM bandwidth for data transfer."

Iridium Satcom is also designed to supply future airspace navigation systems (FANS) for airline operations.

Approved by Boeing, the solution has been installed through a Boeing service bulletin for next-generation 737 aircraft.

Rockwell Collins air transport systems vice-president and general manager Steve Timm said: “Having an Iridium SATCOM solution that is backed by the aircraft manufacturer ensures support long into the future and helps retain long-term aircraft value.

“On top of that, our solution is affordable because of the innovative ways we optimise SATCOM bandwidth for data transfer, all in a lighter-weight unit compared to previous-generation solutions.”

China Eastern’s Rockwell Collins Iridium Satcom solution includes a triple-channel transceiver that contains two channels for exclusive global voice communications and one for short-burst data link communications.

The solution can be used in areas where VHF radios do not operate.

In a separate development, Rockwell Collins has won a deal to provide visual systems such as image generators, databases, projectors, avionics, data and software to Finland-based helicopter training group Coptersafety.

Under the deal, Rockwell Collins will supply three visual systems, which will be used on ‘roll-on-roll-off’ full flight simulator platforms.

The system is adaptable for five aircraft trainers, including, H125, H145, AW169 and AW189 helicopters.