A Canadian engineer has unveiled a design concept for a new Antipode hypersonic jet plane that can fly from New York to London in 11 minutes.

Antipode can carry ten people at a time and fly up to 20,000km per hour.

The new jet concept follows engineer Charles Bombardier’s earlier hypersonic jet concept, the Skreemr, which is capable of carrying 75 passengers, to reach the speed of Mach 10.

The Skreemr aircraft will feature scramjet technology, enabling it to achieve engine combustion through air coming in at high speeds.

"Antipode can carry ten people at a time and fly up to 20,000km per hour."

The Antipode’s wings will be incorporated with reusable rocket boosters that will help the plane reach up to 40,000ft and fly at the speed of Mach 5.

After reaching Mach 5, the jet’s rocket boosters will separate from the wings and return to the airbase.

The computer in the jet start its supersonic combustion ramjet engine in order to take it to Mach 24 speed. The plane will be powered by a scramjet engine similar to the Skreemr.

International Business Times reported that Bombardier’s earlier design had concerns over extreme heat from air friction and the huge sonic boom it will create over land.

The news agency noted in order to address those concerns, the hypersonic jet will use an aerodynamic technique called long penetration mode that will channel air flowing over the aircraft via a gap at the front and on to the wings and nose.