Bombardier Business Aircraft has expanded the training capacity of its Challenger 300 aircraft programme in Dallas, Texas, US.

Complementing the company’s existing Challenger 350 aircraft training programme, the expansion includes the installation of a new Challenger 300 simulator at Bombardier’s facility at Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) Airport.

The simulator has already been certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Bombardier Business Aircraft customer support and training vice-president Andy Nureddin said: “Bombardier is committed to offering in-house OEM-developed courseware for flight and technical training, so our operators have the most up-to-date, tailored knowledge and technology at their fingertips.

“Operators who train with us benefit from our real-world expertise by learning from one of 140 world-class instructors who fly or maintain the aircraft themselves.”

"Our operators have the most up-to-date, tailored knowledge and technology at their fingertips."

Bombardier’s Dallas Training Centre is currently equipped with six Level D full-flight simulators; one flight training device; 21 multimedia, interactive classrooms; and various part task training equipment.

Part of the 11 aircraft simulators operated by Bombardier Business Aircraft in the UK and Canada, the centre is designed to train up to 3,000 pilots and 280 maintenance technicians a year.

Global flight training provider CAE is also an authorised training provider (ATP) for Bombardier’s Challenger series aircraft.

The company currently provides business aviation training for Bombardier aircraft pilots on 16 full-flight simulators located worldwide.

Image: A Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft in the sky. Photo: courtesy of Bombardier.