US-based aviation services provider Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) has purchased Canada’s CaseBank Technologies for an undisclosed sum.

CaseBank Technologies provides integrated diagnostic, troubleshooting and fault detection solutions for the aviation, aerospace and defence industries.

The deal will enable ATP to put more focus on enhancing productivity, compliance and business performance, and has

“The acquisition of CaseBank Technologies is an important next step in the evolution of ATP."

In addition, it has combined two complementary solutions that help ATP realise its strategic vision of unified process management and will allow the company’s clients to improve their productivity, cost savings, operations compliance and aircraft utilisation.

ATP CEO Charles Picasso said: “The acquisition of CaseBank Technologies is an important next step in the evolution of ATP.

“With the addition of their advanced diagnostic, troubleshooting and proactive fault detection capabilities, we will offer customers an even more comprehensive set of integrated solutions to drive greater improvements in maintenance processes and equipment performance.

“Our mission is to help the industry evolve through smarter information management and to make life easier for customers by integrating mission critical content into previously disconnected and time-intensive processes. By doing so, we create a tremendous amount of value in terms of streamlined business operations, aircraft uptime, as well as safety and compliance.”

Last year, the company announced its new vision building on the basis of its aviation hub cloud application, an integrated suite of ‘smart content’ services that embeds technical, operating, and regulatory content into maintenance workflows and processes.

ATP currently offers maintenance information from 54 aircraft manufacturers and more than 200 component manufacturers to maintenance tracking, parts inventory and troubleshooting and fault detection solutions.

Image: Aircraft Technical Publishers and CaseBank Technologies representatives. Photo: courtesy of ATP.