Airbus has announced it received 914 gross orders, worth $109bn, exceeding its target of 650 in fiscal 2012. However, the European plane maker’s rival Boeing received 1,339 total orders.

Last year, Airbus delivered 588 aircraft, 10% higher than the 2011 record of 534 aeroplanes, while Boeing delivered 601 airliners in 2012.

The company’s net orders touched 833 aircraft, worth a total of $96bn against Boeing’s 1,203.

"We are keeping our production rates at a manageable pace, which is good for our supply chain, and bodes well for long-term profitability."

Airbus claimed that its backlog has set a new industry-wide record of 4,682 aircraft, valued at more than $638bn.

With the worldwide demand for single-aisle airliners still buoyant and an order backlog equivalent to eight years of production, Airbus stated that in 2013, its primary focus would be on production, rather than gaining new orders.

Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Bregier said the company delivered a record number of aircraft, which highlights its increasing efficiency and market confidence.

"We are keeping our production rates at a manageable pace, which is good for our supply chain, and bodes well for our long-term profitability and bright future," he added.

Of the total orders, 305 were for CEO, 478 for NEO, 82 for A330/A340s, 40 for A350 XWB and nine for A380s, while of the net orders, 739 were for A320 aircraft, 58 for A330s, 27 for A350 XWB and the rest for A380.

Of the 588 aeroplanes delivered to 89 customers, 455 were of single aisle aircraft, compared with 421 in 2011.

Wide-body deliveries touched 103 in 2012, compared with 87 in 2011, underlining the success of the A330 line.

Airbus stated that the A330 is being produced at the highest monthly production rates to date, up from 9.5 in 2012 to ten in the first quarter of 2013.

In the very large aircraft segment, the plane manufacturer received nine out of ten orders for its A380 and delivered 30 A380s, up from 26 in 2011.

Airbus Military delivered 29 aircraft, comprising 20 light and medium military transport, four P-3 conversions, and five A330 MRTTs.

The division received an order for 32 aeroplanes, of which 28 were C295 and four CN235; additionally, the Indian Government selected the A330 MRTT as the preferred bidder.

Image: Speaking at annual New Year’s press conference, Airbus president and chief executive officer Fabrice Brégier said the company outperformed on its new orders goal in 2012. Photo: Airbus SAS / P Pigeyre.