Airbus has signed an agreement with Bombardier to become a partner on the latter’s C Series aircraft programme.

As part of the deal, Airbus will provide procurement, sales, marketing and customer support services to C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP), which manufactures and sells the C Series aircraft.

Airbus also expects to purchase a 50.01% interest in CSALP, thereby reducing Bombardier and Investissement Québec’s (IQ) shares in CSALP to 31% and 19%, respectively.

Following the completion of the deal, CSALP’s headquarters and primary assembly line and other functions will remain in Québec, Canada, while Airbus will be able to expand its global reach with the C Series Final Assembly Line in Canada.

“I have no doubt that our partnership with Bombardier will boost sales and the value of this programme tremendously.”

Production of C Series is also set to be carried out at Airbus’ manufacturing site in Alabama, US, as part of the deal.

The proposed collaboration is intended to bring together two complementary product lines, with the 100-150 seat segment configured in the C Series programme is expected to represent more than 6,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years.

Airbus CEO Tom Enders said: “The C Series, with its state-of-the-art design and great economics, is a great fit with our existing single-aisle aircraft family and rapidly extends our product offering into a fast-growing market sector.

“I have no doubt that our partnership with Bombardier will boost sales and the value of this programme tremendously.

“Not only will this partnership secure the C Series and its industrial operations in Canada, the UK and China, but we also bring new jobs to the US Airbus will benefit from strengthening its product portfolio in the high-volume single-aisle market, offering superior value to our airline customers worldwide.”

The newly announced agreement has already been approved by the boards of directors of Airbus and Bombardier, as well as the Cabinet of the Government of Québec in Canada.

Subject to regulatory approvals and other relevant conditions, the transaction is expected to be completed by the second half of next year.

Image: Airbus and Bombardier to form new partnership on C Series aircraft. Photo: courtesy of Airbus.