Flag carrier and cargo airline Korean Air has transported a key ingredient of a Covid-19 vaccine to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The ingredient was flown in specially designed containers on Korean Air flight 925.

According to Korean Air, the containers were able to maintain cryogenic temperatures below -60°C throughout the transport process and below -70°C without power for 120 hours.

Korean Air cargo business division senior vice-president Eum Jae Dong said: “Korean Air’s task force is reviewing all aspects concerning the vaccine’s transport, and we are developing a strong system and infrastructure for its safe and swift distribution.

“Korean Air Cargo has a proven expertise in transporting pharmaceutical items, and we were certified by IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators on Pharmaceutical Handling (CEIV Pharma) last June, a certification for the excellence in air transport of medicines.”

Eum added: “Based on our considerable experience in delivering specialised cargo, Korean Air is ready and committed to transporting the vaccine ingredient and vaccines as safely and quickly as possible.”

Korean Air transported the ingredients to a vaccine production plant in Europe.

With this, the flag carrier has become one of the first airlines in South Korea to perform the task.

In September, Korean Air launched a Covid-19 vaccine transport task force and has been preparing for cryogenic temperature transportation of the vaccines.

In a separate development, Boeing is collaborating to work with other airframe manufacturers via the International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA) to develop common guidance for operators to safely transport vaccines around the world.