Mexican value carrier Interjet has cancelled all its 19 flights scheduled on 1 November after failing to make advanced payments on jet fuel.

Mexican airport administration authority ASA was quoted by newspaper Reforma as saying that it was the second time that the airline has made no payments, reported Reuters. This failure led to non-receipt of fuel for its aeroplanes.

Later issuing a statement, Interjet revealed that the coronavirus pandemic had hit the global aviation industry hard and has hurt the company’s cash flow.

The carrier said: “Additionally, some of the company’s aircraft have entered into maintenance tasks, which has led to a restructuring of flight itineraries as of this date.

“Interjet regrets the damage caused to passengers, and reports that more than 90% of users have been notified of this situation and protected for the next flights.

“The airline will resume its operations on a regular basis next Tuesday, 3 November.”

Interjet had temporarily suspended its international routes from 24 March in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and continued operating flights within Mexico.

It has a portfolio of more than 50 routes. It revealed restructure plans in June.

In July, the carrier received a $150m capital injection from its investors to survive during the pandemic.