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Aerospace technology provider PASSUR Aerospace has developed a global portal to support the airline transportation community in managing the disruption due to coronavirus (Covid-19).

The portal was developed in response to a request from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It will be offered for free for all qualified industry stakeholders.

Known as the ITOP Global Contingency Portal (GCP), the service is designed on the existing PASSUR-developed IATA Tactical Operations Portal (ITOP) solution.

The collaborative information and advisory service will provide the airline industry with critical aviation operational information, advisory service, news, directives, and developments related to Covid-19 around the world in real-time.

PASSUR Aerospace CEO Brian Cook said: “We are honoured to be in a position to support our industry at this very challenging time.

“ITOP reminds us all of the power of collaboration, information sharing, and common operational awareness across regions, time zones, cultures and organisations – the industry’s most critical problems can only be addressed when we work together.”

Customers who register with the portal will receive alerts based on severity and priority on any device and will also have access to the GCP web site.

As of now, the portal has more than 1,700 registered users, representing 202 airlines, 59 airport operators, and 18 air navigation service providers (air traffic control organisations).

IATA and PASSUR have also agreed to open the registration to the ITOP GCP service to non-IATA members.

Total confirmed cases of coronavirus have touched 873,563 worldwide while the death toll due to the outbreak stands at 43,451.