Honeywell and Vertical Aerospace have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to support the emerging urban air mobility segment.

Under the MoU, the firms intend to integrate Honeywell’s avionics, navigation, fly-by-wire and other products and advanced technologies into future Vertical Aerospace vehicles, which can be used in an urban landscape.

Vertical Aerospace’s vehicles will be equipped with Honeywell’s latest flight systems for urban air mobility.

Among the systems to be incorporated include a new compact fly-by-wire system, which provides the critical redundancy required to meet the safety and certification requirements for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. These will come in a package the size of a paperback book.

Urban air mobility vehicles aim to reduce urban congestion and offer new ways for people to travel around cities and rural areas.

Vertical Aerospace CEO and founder Stephen Fitzpatrick said: “Overly congested, polluted cities continue to be an issue, and to combat this urban air mobility will be a key feature of cities of the future.

“Combining Honeywell’s technology and experience in next-generation avionics with Vertical Aerospace’s aircraft will allow us to make carbon-free, on-demand air mobility a reality.”

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Honeywell Aerospace electronic solutions president Carl Esposito said: “Honeywell’s expertise in integrated avionics, systems integration, certification and manufacturing, combined with Vertical Aerospace’s capabilities in developing eVTOL vehicles, will spur the advancement of urban air mobility.

“Through years of working with the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency, Honeywell is well equipped to help Vertical Aerospace navigate the civil airspace landscape and develop their vehicles.”

“Honeywell is well equipped to help Vertical Aerospace navigate the civil airspace landscape and develop their vehicles.”

This is the third deal that Honeywell has signed with urban air mobility companies to develop avionics, navigation, flight control systems, connectivity and other products for their vehicles.

Honeywell and Vertical Aerospace plans for a formal agreement by mid-2019.

Urban air mobility is an automated passenger or cargo-carrying air transportation services, usually flown without a pilot.