Honeywell has installed its Aircraft Data Gateway 400 (ADG-400) solution on all of Embraer’s new E2 commercial jets, with an additional option to retrofit first-generation E1 models.

This solution enables operators to wirelessly transfer critical flight and maintenance data to and from their aircraft quickly and efficiently.

The ADG-400 packages several core technologies into a single solution that allow a variety of connected aircraft solutions.

The Aircraft Data Gateway comprises a wireless LSAP (Loadable Software Aircraft Part) loader, quick access recorder and data communications capabilities.

It allows database and software updates, even without wired connections.

The ADG-400 also aids to offload aircraft data to review, troubleshoot and predict maintenance and performance issues, which in turn aids operators to maintain their aircraft and prevent unexpected downtime.

Honeywell Connected Aerospace president Bob Buddecke said: “By equipping their aircraft with Honeywell’s Aircraft Data Gateway, we’re enabling operators of Embraer regional jets to take strides toward a truly connected fleet of aircraft, which will help them keep their aircraft flying while also saving money.

“Our continued software and connectivity advancements are unlocking new ways airlines can leverage their data to improve their operations.”

With the installation of the ADG-400, Honeywell claimed that airlines can save significantly.

Wireless data offloading can help to cut down aircraft delays. Furthermore, regular maintenance can be reduced by up to 150 hours every year for aircraft.

Wireless LSAP loading can lead to the saving of another 75 hours per aircraft annually.

Besides providing enhanced user experience, the ADG-400 enables technicians to concentrate on key issues rather than spend time on monthly general maintenance.

Embraer Commercial Aviation programmes vice-president Fernando Antonio Oliveira said: “The long partnership with Honeywell, based on trust and their excellence in product capabilities with aircraft data gateways such as the ADG-400 and ADG-Lite, is the reason Embraer chose Honeywell.

“Honeywell’s vision for secure and efficient data aggregation aligns perfectly with the E2 Profit Hunter mentality of providing the most connected aircraft to maximise customer benefits and efficiency. Now, with the Embraer service, bulletins, customers can take the same advanced connectivity solution to their E1 fleet as well.”

Oliveira added, “Embraer believes that fleet efficiency is significantly enhanced by the careful use of connected data. Collaboration with Honeywell on aircraft data gateways will optimize costs, which will translate into more profitable aircraft for customers.”

The first Embraer E2 aircraft equipped with the ADG-400 is expected to come off the production line this month, with the option to upgrade the E1 after that.