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Aerospace company Embraer has partnered with various companies and research centres to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Brazil.

The partnership is working on technologies to make the necessary equipment and solutions more readily available to fight Covid-19 in the country.

Activities such as production of ventilator and respirator parts, the imported ventilators’ components replacement have been undertaken by the partnership.

Studies are also being conducted for the development and quick implementation of simple and portable respirators.

So far, the company and its partner organisations has concluded the analysis of technical and production capacity to fulfil the identified requirements.

The aerospace company is also providing technical support to Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, for the development of biological air filter systems for air-quality control.

The system, which can absorb air particles, will support the transformation of regular hospital beds into intensive care beds. The filters used in air conditioning systems on aircraft.

Embraer also contributed in the manufacturing of control valves and flow sensors for another respirator industry in the country.

Meanwhile, Embraer will continuously monitor the evolution of the outbreak and look for opportunities to contribute by leveraging its ‘expertise integrating complex systems’.

Earlier this week, Embraer revealed plans to provide temporary paid leave to employees who cannot carry out their work-related duties remotely amid the pandemic. The decision will remain in effect until 31 March.

The number of infected patients due to the coronavirus has climbed to 532,564 globally, while the death toll has reached 24,077.

In Brazil, confirmed cases have reached 2,985 while the death toll stands at 77.