Airbus has reached an agreement with JetBlue Airlines for the delivery of 60 A220-300 aircraft.

The A220-300 aircraft is the rebranded version of the Bombardier CS300 aircraft.

With deliveries starting from 2020, the new aircraft will replace the existing fleet of Embraer E190 aircraft.

The agreement provides an option to order 60 additional aircraft to be delivered from 2025.

JetBlue has also converted its order of 25 A320 neo aircraft to A321 neo aircraft.

Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) and sister group European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) intends to develop advanced technological solutions designed for the space industry.

In collaboration with ILL, OHB System and MT Aerospace, the partnership will work towards the advancement of aerospace material characteristics and enhance the efficiency of fabrication processes involved.

It will also create space vehicle structures, propulsion systems and other components using high-performance materials.

“The mission will help the space agencies in retrieving the samples of Martian soil that were left behind by Nasa’s Mars 2020 rover.”

ILL will develop the neutrons while ESRF will construct high-energy non-destructive X-rays for in-depth analysis of different materials.

OHB System and MT Aerospace will gain access to the non-destructive investigation (NDI) tool, under the partnership.

Virgin Galactic has signed a deal with Italian aerospace companies ALTEC and SITAEL for the development of a dedicated satellite launch system at an Italian spaceport.

The launch system will be constructed by The Spaceship Company, a sister company of Virgin Galactic, at Grottaglie Spaceport, the future home of space tourism flights in Italy.

The space vehicle will be used for high-frequency space research by the Italian Space Agency. It will also be open for private individuals who wish to launch vehicles into space.

SITAEL will outline the spaceflight operations framework and provide technological and industrial input. It will also carry out operations from Taranto-Grottaglie Airport in Italy.

European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded a contract to Airbus for the development of two elements for a proposed mission to return the samples collected from Mars to Earth.

Airbus will deliver an Earth Return Orbiter (ERO) and a Sample Fetch Rover (SFR), which will be crucial for the success of the Mars Sample Return mission to be launched by Nasa and ESA in 2026.

The mission will help the space agencies in retrieving the samples of Martian soil that were left behind by Nasa’s Mars 2020 rover.

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has signed an agreement with Boeing for the formation of a joint venture (JV).

Boeing will gain control of the commercial jet business of Embraer, under the deal.

The JV will primarily concentrate on Embraer’s commercial aircraft and services business. Boeing will hold an 80%ownership stake while Embraer will retain the remaining 20%.

The JV will offer design, manufacturing and support for the commercial passenger aircraft with a seating capacity ranging from 70 to 450.

Cadence Aerospace intends to acquire Perfekta, a US-based complex components manufacturer for the aerospace industry.

Financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Cadence Capital is a portfolio company of Arlington Capital Partners.

Perfekta intends to serve a large customer base across the US and Mexico, as well as enhance its production capabilities through the proposed acquisition.