Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aviation has delivered the 100th Challenger aircraft to US-based private jet operator NetJets.

The 100th aircraft in NetJets’ fleet is the Challenger 350 business jet, which delivers a better private jet experience to customers with its specially designed cabin and reduced operational costs.

Bombardier noted that its 80 Challenger 350 and 20 Challenger 650 aircraft are now operational.

Bombardier Aviation president David Coleal said: “We’re very proud of our longstanding relationship with NetJets, who share our desire to create an exceptional flight experience for customers.

“This addition of a 100th Challenger aircraft to NetJets’ fleet shows how sought-after this aircraft is and why it’s simply the best business jet in its class.”

NetJets currently operates a total of 100 Challenger 350 and Challenger 650 aircraft in its fleet.

Bombardier’s Challenger fleet has the lowest direct operating costs due to its maintenance programmes and longer maintenance intervals when compared with competitors’ fleet.

Bombardier said in a statement: “With a true seat full, tanks full, a 3,200 nautical mile range and steep approach certification, the Challenger 350 business jet can connect Aspen to New York non-stop.”

The improved short-field performance ability of the aircraft also allows access to complex airfields such as Santa Monica airport.

The business jet has sound and cabin management systems incorporated in the widest in-class cabin.

Bombardier noted that the milestone delivery underscores the relationship between the company and NetJets, reflecting the demand from business jet travellers to fly the Challenger business jets.

Last month, Bombardier Aviation selected Austria-based aerospace company FACC to build radomes for Airbus A220 aircraft.