Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aviation has selected Austria-based aerospace company FACC to build radomes for Airbus A220 aircraft.

A radome is an enclosure designed to safeguard the radar antenna and forms part of the cockpit section.

It needs to feature high-strength properties that are capable of protecting the radar antenna under circumstances such as a bird strike or hailstorm.

FACC CEO Robert Machtlinger said: “We are very proud to be represented on the Airbus A220 alongside Bombardier’s industry-leading aircraft.

“The contract to manufacture the A220 aircraft radomes confirms that we are on the right track by continuously optimising our processes through targeted investments and meeting the high-quality requirements at a best-in-class level.”

Radome production will be performed as a life-of-programme contract between the two companies, which have been collaborating for the past 30 years.

FACC expects to begin delivery of Airbus A220’s radomes next year.

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FACC Program and Sales Aerostructures vice-president Andreas Furthmayr said: “We are delighted that Bombardier is now relying on our comprehensive expertise, not only for the Bombardier Challenger and Global aircraft but also for the production of aircraft radomes for the Airbus A220.

“This allows us to further expand our product range in the area of high-strength lightweight components and consolidate our successful cooperation with Bombardier for many years to come.”

As a technology partner to Bombardier, FACC is already supplying a range of technologies and products, including wing-to-body fairings, rudders, bypass ducts, cabin linings and cabinets for Bombardier Challenger 350 and Global 7500 programmes.