Bombardier is set to start high-precision completion work on the Global 7500 aircraft at the company’s Montreal facility following its delivery last month.

Scheduled to enter service in the second half of this year, the Global 7500 aircraft is stated to be one of the largest and longest range business jet ever built with a range of 7,700 nautical miles.

At the Montreal facility, the workers are setting the interiors of the aircraft, including kitchens, stateroom beds, dining furniture and Nuage seats.

Bombardier Business Aircraft president David Coleal said: “The Global 7500 interior completion work requires fine craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

“Bombardier Business Aircraft is taking its world-class expertise a step further through a new modular completion process leveraging advanced test rigs that ensure all customer aircraft surpass expectations at every level.”

Bombardier is using an indigenously designed rig to validate the interiors before their installation.

“The Global 7500 interior completion work requires fine craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.”

The rig simulates the flight conditions associated with airframe motions and flight loads, using a production fuselage mounted on a pneumatic bed enabling the operator to validate the interiors reducing completions cycle time.

In standard operating conditions, the Global 7500 aircraft is designed to take-off at 5,800ft. It can operate from the airports with shorter runways accordingly.

The overall programme comprises five flight test vehicles, which have completed more than 2,300 flight test hours.

The aircraft completed the Complete Airframe Static Test (CAST) successfully last month.

The full-scale fatigue testing is also being carried out where Bombardier has already completed one lifetime of simulated flights.