Aerostructure manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems has delivered the first integrated 767 forward fuselage section to Boeing in Everett, Washington, US.

The unit will be transported to Everett on-board the 747 Dreamlifter.

The company was earlier contracted to design and build 767 forward fuselage end items, namely the cab, lower lobe and two side panels.

These four separate items were then transported to Boeing for integration.

The latest achievement will now see Spirit integrate the four sections into a single unit.

Spirit AeroSystems Boeing twin-aisle programme vice-president Kristin Robert said: “By winning this new work from our customer, we are showing that our workforce, our technology and our skills are ready to move into the future.”

In October, Spirit started the 767 integration work in its manufacturing facility on the company’s campus in Wichita, Kansas.

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The new facility features automated production that reduces assembly times with a focus on enhanced quality.

Spirit AeroSystems 747/767 programme manager Kami Power said: “With this new greenfield facility, we had the opportunity to integrate existing build process with new technology and completely rethink how we interact with the airplane throughout our assembly process.

“This really demonstrates what we believe the next phase of manufacturing – the factory of the future – will look like. The benefits in this new advanced manufacturing facility will enable Spirit to increase our competitiveness through improved cost and quality and help us win future business.”