Honeywell business unit and avionics manufacturer BendixKing is set to undertake a cockpit retrofit, modification and upgrade (RMU) programme to modernise more than 6,000 Cessna single-engine piston aircraft.

The programme involves replacing outdated aircraft avionics with advanced upgrades to improve performance and enable the current operators to extend the life of their Cessna fleet.

BendixKing president Gregg Cohen said: “BendixKing strives to provide advanced cockpit upgrades that operators can easily install to improve performance of their current aircraft.

“This programme gives Cessna pilots access to affordable technology that has the features and functionality of much larger aircraft.

“By upgrading to our latest cockpit solutions, operators can modernise and increase the longevity of their aircraft.”

The new upgrades include AeroVue Touch, a primary flight display with a high-definition touchscreen. It enables the pilot to upload and view flight information, as well as easily access all critical functions.

BendixKing is also providing a multifunction touchscreen navigator called AeroNav, which is designed to provide the pilots with access to flight control functions and improve flight efficiency.

In addition, AeroNav has Wide Area Augmentation System-enabled flight management system to make flight plans, as well as weather, traffic and terrain monitoring capabilities to improve flight safety.

The third upgrade is AeroPoint 200, a powerful engine analyser to optimise their performance. It replaces the previously used electromechanical displays at the cockpit.

Cessna operators can avail a full RMU upgrade or choose to install a subset RMU according to their requirements.

Last month, Honeywell launched an analytics-based platform to help airlines increase their profitability.