Aerospace and defence companies advanced technologies provider Astronics has conducted a test flight of its SATCOM antenna technology.

During the demonstration, the KuSAT-2000 tail-mounted antenna system was deployed for the Collins Aerospace KuSAT-2000 SATCOM terminal for the LuxStream business jet connectivity solution.

Leveraging SES satellites, the KuSAT-2000 Tail-Mounted Antenna system provides a download speed of up to 25Mbps in the US and 15Mbps worldwide.

Around 12GB of data was transferred by the team during the test flight, including seven devices streaming high-definition (HD) content from a comprehensive selection of video streaming services.

Multiple voice and video calls were also performed, thereby testing several communications platforms.

All key performance indicators were exceeded during the test flight, according to the company.

Collins Aerospace connectivity services senior programme manager Bruce Quade said: “Collins Aerospace is excited to work with Astronics to bring LuxStream’s unmatched connectivity speeds to business jets around the world.

“During our test flight, I was thrilled to connect with Matt Landel, Director of Sales Engineering at Astronics AeroSat, by video conferencing with him using the LuxStream service.

“This experience highlights how LuxStream provides the fastest broadband speeds available, with unmatched worldwide coverage.”

Last September, Collins Aerospace Systems and satellite operator SES launched LuxStream.

In March, Astronics suspended its recruitment drive, terminated all wage adjustments and bonus programmes, and modified the number of employees in line with demand as the coronavirus (Covid-19) affects its operations.