Alaska Airlines has signed a long-term material purchase agreement with aircraft electrical and mechanical components manufacturer Unison Industries for its new Hi-Performance Igniter Plug.

In June, Unison launched the igniter plug to improve the spark life under severe weather conditions and to maximise time-on-wing.

During simulated worst-case engine scenarios, the new technology successfully passed testing in extreme temperatures of up to 2,000°F. It features the latest ignition technology and materials, including ceramics.

Unison Industries president Tom Hoferer said “This product is a prime example of Unison’s focus on continuous improvement for in-service fleets.

“We are proud to partner with Alaska Airlines and work hand-in-hand with them while leveraging our strong partnership across the engine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).”

Unison’s CFM56 series igniter plug received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last year. It is being integrated on all new CFM56 engines.

Alaska Airlines currently operates over 160 Boeing 737 aircraft, which are powered by CFM56 engines, to more than 115 destinations worldwide.

Unison’s patented technology will offer increased intervals for the airline, which will result in fewer replacements and rediced annual maintenance costs.

Alaska Airlines Powerplant Engineering manager Todd Martin said: “Alaska is excited to partner with Unison on the launch of this new igniter. Our teams worked closely together for many months to ensure the product would be safe and reliable for use on Alaska’s fleet.

“We look forward to the increased reliability and decreased costs that this igniter brings to the airline.”