Unmanned traffic management (UTM) and drone fleets management system provider Airwayz is participating in the drone delivery flight tests in Hadera, Israel.

The tests are being conducted as part of a two-year pilot programme developed by the Israeli Innovation Authority, along with the Ministry of Transport and the Prime Minister’s Office last March.

It will support the efforts to integrate drone deliveries in urban environments safely and efficiently while showcasing the benefits offered by them to various sectors.

Airwayz leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology for drone fleet management.

The company’s flight system and UTM platforms enable various AI functions, including advanced mission planning, remote control and multiple autonomous flight mode.

This enables the drones to operate in a mesh network rather than along a corridor.

In the pilot programme, the company is managing five separate delivery companies’ own differing UAS Service System (USS).

Airwayz CEO and co-founder Eyal Zor said: “Drone delivery has the potential to dramatically increase the safety, speed and efficiency of transport systems across the globe. However, so far, we’ve only seen these types of pilot schemes test drones moving back and forth across a corridor of airspace.

“This restricts the number of drones that can work in an area and risks whole operations being abandoned if any part of the corridor becomes inoperable mid-mission. This way of working in corridors is simply not practical for the technology to scale-up for commercial use.

“This pilot scheme will demonstrate how drones can operate in a mesh, reacting safely to real-time situations while also maximising delivery efficiency for a commercially-viable solution to drone delivery.”