Forty years ago on 20 July those famous words were spoken: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Since then, the moonwalk has become one of the defining moments of our century, especially in regards to aerospace and the technology and science that surrounds it.

When Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Neil Armstrong stepped down from the Eagle landing module, with spaceship Columbia orbiting above, history was made, watched by the whole world. Now, 40 years on we can show you pictures of the first human landing on the moon thanks to footage recovered by a dedicated team that has remastered the original footage captured by Nasa for the Moonwalk One movie in 1969 for a new DVD on the first space walk.

Moonwalk One was the only official NASA documentary capturing the Apollo 11 mission. Today’s high-definition quality film by the original director Theo Kamecke and producer Chris Riley is now available at

In A Look Back at Mankind’s Giant Leap, we discuss the significance of the moonwalk’s 40th anniversary and what affect this has had on aerospace technology.

To give our readers their own part of history, are giving away 10 free high-resolution images of the moon landings. To download these, please click here.