High-Strength Copper Nickel Silicon: Colsibro®

Colsibro® is a precipitation hardening copper nickel silicon that offers a remarkable blend of physical and mechanical attributes unrivalled by many other grades of copper alloy.

Its combination of high-strength, corrosion-resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent wear resistance, spark resistance and good cryogenic properties has enabled Colsibro to find a place in virtually every engineering field, from electrical to mechanical and automotive to marine.

Colsibro is a high copper alloy with small additions of nickel and silicon, which combine to increase the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the material, while retaining many of the physical benefits of copper itself.

Columbia Metals stock Colsibro in the fully heat treated condition, so as to maximise the mechanical strength levels. These are developed by a combination of cold work and heat treatment, with the heat treatment or ageing process forming a nickel silicide precipitate that hardens the metal matrix.

Download to find out more.

Download to find out more.