Resolution and Dynamic Range and their Impact on Imaging System Performance

Resolution and dynamic range are two important specifications to be considered when evaluating the capabilities of an imaging colorimeter, yet they are easily misconstrued. Initially, they seem straightforward enough: resolution is the total number of pixels that a 2D imaging system will capture, and dynamic range can be described as the ratio of the brightest to the darkest levels it can detect. It would stand to reason then, that the higher the camera resolution, the higher the dynamic range and the better the image quality.

Why then do some cameras with virtually identical specifications perform so differently?

Radiant has chosen the KAI-29050 CCD as the optimal compromise of resolution and pixel size for achieving high-precision measurements in a 35mm optical format. Radiant's ProMetric® I29 Imaging Colorimeters and ProMetric Y29 Imaging Photometers feature this 29MP sensor with cooled operation for further noise reduction. These high-performance cameras enable accurate, high-resolution luminance and colour measurements, as well as precision detection of low-contrast defects while meeting short cycle time requirements.

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