Radiant Vision Systems Case Study – Luminator Aerospace

Luminator Technology Group is a family of brands that manufactures passenger information signs, lighting, and display solutions for bus, rail, and aerospace industries. These products must meet strict tolerances for brightness and colour as defined by its customers, as well as stringent industrial regulations.

With absolute quality as a focus, Luminator Aerospace performs extensive light and colour measurement tests on each sign that it manufactures. Luminator selected ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters from Radiant Vision Systems as its imaging solution, which enabled complete product evaluation in a fraction of the time.

The ProMetric system uses a tristimulus optical filter system to measure light as it is perceived by the human eye, providing the truest measure of light and colour quality. In addition, the system measures exact CIE chromaticity coordinates necessary for customer-defined tolerance testing, and offers CCD resolutions up to 29MP.

Using Radiant's TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software, Luminator is able to build a sequence of tests in a single measurement application, performing luminance, chromaticity, uniformity, and contrast analyses simultaneously for immediate data capture.

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