Aero-Flex High-Quality Rigid and Flexible Aerospace Components

Aero-Flex designs, manufactures, and tests aerospace industry components such as rigid pipes, hybrid flex-rigid systems, flexible interlocking metallic hoses, and fluid transfer spools.

The company produces high-quality parts using stainless-steel and high-temperature alloys, including titanium and Inconel.

High-quality aerospace component manufacturing and testing

Aero-Flex’s leading solutions help aerospace customers deal with high fuel costs, challenging consumer expectations, and supply chain compression.

We provide testing services to ensure components and assemblies meet challenging quality assurance standards, while qualified weld inspectors approve finished assemblies before products leave the warehouse.

Standards met by Aero-Flex products include:

  • B31.1 Power Piping / B31.3 Petrochemical Piping
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • ASME Section IX, NACE, BSI (PED)
  • European Pressure Directive 97 / 23 / EC (PED)
  • Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN)

We conduct non-destructive testing (NDT), X-ray imaging, magnetic particle assessments, hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure analysis, as well as colour contrast and fluorescent penetrant inspections.

Products consist of 0.25in-16in flex lines, replication equipment, comprehensive rigid piping systems, and hybrid flex / pipe constructions. We can also carry out tailored fabrications on request.

Cost-efficient hoses and braid components for aircraft

Aero-Flex creates hoses and braids, which are provided in bulk for military, space vehicle, and commercial aircraft applications. We supply cost-effective, high-grade corrugated annular hydro-formed / mechanically formed hose and braids, which are produced using a range of compounds such as stainless-steel and Inconel 625.

Our bulk hoses are delivered in 100in containers, while shorter lengths and reels are available if required.

We offer a personalised service, which enables customers to specify the type of metal hose assembly they require in terms of size, alloys, compression, developed lengths, temperature, motion, and end fittings.

 Flexible hose and precision rigid tube bending systems

AeroFlex is recognised for its high-quality bonded and adaptable full-metal hose fabrications. We manufacture customised hoses, which adapt to various operating pressures, temperatures, and chemical-resistance. Parts are produced in sizes of 0.25in-16in.

Aero-Flex manufactures one of the most efficient flex-rigid constructions in the US. These hybrids reduce connection points among flex and rigid components, decreasing the possibility of leaking and presenting a simple maintenance solution.

Our custom-made flex-rigid tube compilations are modified to handle variable operating pressures, while they have the capacity to endure extreme temperatures and keep vibrations below maximum levels.

Professional piping solutions for aerospace companies

Aero-Flex delivers reliable piping solutions for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) aerospace businesses and aftermarket customers that depend on first-class spare parts and modules.

We adhere to ISO 9001 quality management standards and offers piping systems approved for worldwide use.

Reliable aircraft tubing design and production

Aero-Flex designs and manufactures cost-efficient tubing to enable smooth functioning of aircraft systems. Our objective is to ensure customers are 100% satisfied with our eco-friendly service, with complimentary costings provided for every assignment.

Tubing solutions are particularly useful when clients are encountering issues upholding even flow within bent pipes. We stock precision bent tube compilations for air, fuel, gas, and hydraulics, as well as coolant and lubricant applications.

Custom precision machine parts and secure fixtures

Aero-Flex offers hose and pipe fittings to ensure that critical fluids do not leak from aerospace systems.

Aero-Flex produces precision-machined nuts, screws, and fixtures in bulk or as customised parts using high-quality resources such as stainless-steel, nickel alloys, duplex, titanium, and customer-specific materials. We are able to repeat the procedure and build a collection of items or complex multi-part single structures.

Aircraft on ground programmes for aircraft, space shuttles and military vehicles

Our AOG programme assists clients in putting side-lined planes back into service as quickly as possible when a hard-to-find part is required.

This exclusive AOG service adds value to our aviation industry partnerships, which involves corporate, military, and commercial operators. The AOG service team offers emergency response to stranded operators and provides a rapid turnaround of 24-48 hours if parts are already in stock.

Aero-Flex has worked on F-35 Advanced Fighter Aircraft, and space shuttles, as well as other important private and military assignments.

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