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Diamond DA40 XLT, Austria

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DA40 XLT is a new variant of the Diamond Star 40 aircraft series developed by Diamond Aircraft. The new variant, featuring a new cabin design and cockpit improvements, was unveiled at the Sun'n Fun International Fly-In & Expo in April 2013.

Hawker Pacific has been appointed as the distributor for the aircraft in Australia and New Zealand.

Design and features of DA40 XLT aircraft

The DA40 XLT is an improved version of the DA40 XLS aircraft which was introduced in 2008. The new aircraft features a number of interior improvements such as wider front seats and better air conditioning. The Rosen Sunvisor system in the DA40 XLT reduces the heat and glare.

The aircraft also features a 406MHz emergency locator transmitter (ELT), electronic carbon monoxide detector, and adjustable electroluminescent panel lights.

The length of the aircraft is 26ft 5in, height is 6ft 6in, and wingspan is 39ft 6in.

Cockpit and avionics of DA40 XLT

The DA40 XLT features Garmin G1000 WAAS-certified glass cockpit with advanced avionics. The cockpit features a laid-out control panel with all switches placed within easy reach. It is equipped with GDU 1040 primary flight display (PFD) and GDU 1044 multi-function display (MFD) screens, and GDC74 integrated digital air data computer. It is also equipped with GRS77 attitude and heading reference system and dual GIA63 integrated VHF COM/NAV/ILS/GPS radio modules.

"Two electrically operated rudder pedals, which can be operated by pilots of different sizes, are provided in the cockpit."

Two electrically operated rudder pedals, which can be operated by pilots of different sizes, are provided in the cockpit. A bubble canopy provides entry to the front seats and offers a panoramic view.

The Garmin avionics suite includes GTX33 integrated mode S transponder, GFC700 automatic flight control system with flight director, flight charts, GDL69A satellite data link, and synthetic vision technology.

The Avidyne TAS 600 active traffic system is installed in the cockpit.

DA40 XLT cabin details

The DA40 XLT features a strong carbon reinforced 26G cabin, which can accommodate one pilot and three passengers on board. The cabin features an improved premium interior compared to that of the previous XLS version. The cabin interior is offered in four different colours. It features a four way baggage compartment system and additionally includes a hidden compartment that stores briefcases and laptops.

"All seats inside the cabin are covered with infrared controlled technology (ICT)."

The cabin features many new enhancements, such as newly molded seat patterns, airbags and specialised seats, and improved lumbar contour in both the front and rear seats. All seats inside the cabin are covered with infrared controlled technology (ICT). The seats are made with pure leather, are sun-resistant, and maintain 20° celsius lower surface temperature. Each seat is equipped with MP3 / XM radio jack with headphones facility.

The rear footwells of the DA40 XLT cabin are redesigned to provide comfort for rear seats. The lower seat cushions and seat back covers can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement.

Engine and performance

The aircraft is powered by a 180HP four-cylinder Lycoming IO-360 engine and Hartzell 2-blade scimitar structural composite propeller.

The aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 150kt and a range of 720nm. It has standard useful load of 860lb and maximum operating altitude at 16,400ft. The maximum takeoff weight is 2,645lb and the takeoff distance is 1,175ft. The aircraft climbs at 1,120ft/min at sea level and has a fuel capacity of 50gal.

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