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22 September 2017
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Elmo Leather - Eco-Friendly Leather for the Aerospace Industry

(UN)MANNED - Certified Avionics Software

Aero Design Services - FAA-Approved Aircraft Interior Design, Aircraft Interior Conversion Engineering and Aircraft Seating Solutions

Stratasys - 3D Printing for Aircraft Components for the Aerospace Industry

Micronova - Mops, Wipes and Detergents for Aerospace Applications

Press Releases

High-Performance Six-Axis Motion Controller
Aerotech's high-performance six-axis motion controller is suitable for controlling many robotics systems such as hexapods.

Visit HSH Aerospace Finishes at the Aircraft Interiors Expo
HSH Aerospace Finishes will be showcasing its latest waterborne coatings systems for aircraft cabin interiors at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017.

AQUA CLEAN to Exhibit at Alihankinta 2017
AQUA CLEAN is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at Alihankinta 2017.

Radiant Vision Systems to Run Live Photometric Light Measurement Seminars
From September, Radiant Vision Systems will be offering live, three and a half hour seminars to educate attendees on photometric light measurement.

Cobham Aerospace Communications to Appear at Defence Exhibitions in September
Cobham Aerospace Communications will be at the International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO), being held at the French Pavilion, in Kielce, Poland, between 5-8 September.

White Papers

EC 4-Pole Motors for Moon Rovers
During the nine-month development of Andy, the rover designed for cave hunting on the moon, the developers and students at Pittsburgh University focused on building a rover that is economical...

Military Helicopters Sliprings
Cobham provides reliable sliprings for light, medium and heavy military...

Naval Equipment Sliprings
Cobham provides reliable sliprings for naval equipment such as radars, sonar, weapon systems, and optronics...

The Future of Armament Test Systems
The Common Aircraft Armaments Test Set (CAATS) is the replacement for the 25-year-old Common Rack and Launcher Test Set...

Sliprings and Rotary Joints for Tracking and Surveillance
Cobham provides reliable sliprings and rotary joints for tracking and surveillance, AESA, fire control, ATC, or meteorological radars and...


August’s top stories: Researchers explore quieter aircraft ideas, Cathay Pacific to buy 32 aircraft
Researchers are exploring the behaviours of owl wings to develop bio-inspired ideas for quieter aircraft, and Cathay Pacific has entered a MOU with Airbus to purchase 32 A321neo aircraft. Aerospace-technology.com wraps up key headlines from August 2017.

July’s top stories: Researchers develop new ceramic coating, SpaceX launches Intelsat 35e
Researchers develop a new ceramic coating for hypersonic travel, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket successfully launches the Intelsat 35e on its third attempt, and the UK is to introduce new drone registration and safety rules. Aerospace-technology.com wraps up key headlines from July 2017.

June's top stories: Boeing's investment in SparkCognition, PSLV-C38 places 31 satellites into orbit
Boeing has invested in SparkCognition, which focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and ISRO’s PSLV-C38 has launched a 712kg Cartosat-2 series satellite for Earth observation, as well as 30 other satellites. Aerospace-technology.com wraps up key headlines from June 2017.

May’s top stories: IndiGo-ATR signs $1.3bn deal, Neumann Space's space junk-fuelled rocket
IndiGo signs term sheet to buy 50 ATR aircraft for $1.3bn, Neumann Space developed new rocket uses space junk as fuel, and a teenager from India developed the world's lightest satellite. Aerospace-technology.com wraps up key headlines from May.

April's top stories: Boeing and Aseman Airlines sign deal, UAL and Lufthansa finalise cargo JV
Boeing has entered a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Iran’s Aseman Airlines to sell 30 new 737 MAX jets for $3bn, and United Airlines (UAL) has entered into a joint venture agreement with Germany’s Lufthansa Cargo. Aerospace-technology.com wraps up key headlines from April 2017.


Racer High-Speed Demonstrator
The Rapid And Cost-Effective Rotorcraft (Racer) is a high-speed demonstrator being developed by Airbus Helicopters.

Amazonas 5 Communication Satellite
Amazonas 5 is a multi-session communication satellite scheduled to be launched aboard Proton M Breeze M launch vehicle in September 2017.

Sagitta UAV Demonstrator
Sagitta, an unmanned jet-propelled demonstrator, completed first flight tests at Overberg, South Africa, in July 2017.

Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) Satellite
The Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) satellite aims to explore Earth's ionosphere and thermosphere and is expected to be launched in November 2017.

Heinrich Hertz Communications Satellite (H2Sat)
Germany's new Heinrich Hertz communications satellite, being developed by OHB System, is scheduled to be launched into the geostationary orbit in 2021.

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